I love Cat♪

  Fake Plastic Crown Gold

■Hat (Group Gift)
  07 Gift : Cat Ears Knitted Cap - White

Eyes of the Cat Hat (old Hunt) ※My Arrangement
  See No Evil (black)

  Bring it On!:Wedge

Tongue (old Free)
 :.::HOT STUFF::.:
  Star tongue - Wear me-

■Heart Necklace
 *** Just You ***
  Cupid is Stupid

   →*TL* downtown-sun glasses

Heart of the Left Arm (old Hunt) ※My Arrangement
  Candy Hearth Ring

  X-T *Mesh* Bangle Long Right

■Bracelets(Left Up)
 .:* LOULOU&CO *:.
  - Bracelets :: LONDON CALLING :: (L.Up.Arm)

■Bracelets(Left Down)
  Bracelet Rubber Band-Yelow-L forearm

 [Sassy Kitty Designs]
  Leather Gloves White

■Finger Tape (old Hunt)
  Snaked Finger Tape

■Bag (old Buy)
 (N_n) Panda BackPak #Spine

■Pink Hoodie
  Elda Hoodie pink

■Black Tops
 *T&A Designs*
  Aideen Outfit Boots And Ears With Skin Tint Hud
   →Aideen shrug *TD*

■Tanker Tops & Belt & Pants (old Buy)
  Tanker Tops = Tanker Top *RED*
  Belt = Belt With Suspenders *Red*
  Pants = Capri Pants *RED*

■Suspenders (old Hunt)
  D&G Delirious Twisted MENS
   →Delirious Suspenders

■Key Wallet (old Hunt)
 anc Ltd
  anc key wallet

 Sweet Temptations
  :: Melissa
   →Melissa Socks

Sneakers (old Free)
  Free for free dove 2011